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healthy +

happy +

inspired =


Have you ever faced these challenges?

No Energy

Feeling too tired to do the things you want to do. All the stuff on the ‘should do’ list piles up and feels overwhelming.


Tried all kinds of diets and foods and still feel like there are no answers.

Working Out

Feel like working out is painful and impossible, and being fit basically feels like a pipe dream.


Cooking is too challenging, and cooking healthy is confusing. It’s just easier to go out.

Planning Ahead

Meal planning? Do real people do that?? Cooking, working out, when do people find the time?

No Progress

Each year passes and you feel guilty and discouraged for not getting skinnier, and healthier, and happier?


I just wanted to be healthy. Feel good in my body, strong, full of energy, engaged and excited about my life. I wanted to be fit, healthy, happy, and inspired. Sound familiar?

I Began at the Bottom

I used to be so tired I could barely do my work. It was bad. I was flat out exhausted. If someone so much as sneezed I’d come down with bronchitis or pneumonia.

I tried ‘eating right’ I tried dedicating myself to a work out regimen. I tried putting my life on strict schedules.

It didn’t work. 

There was a moment that changed my life forever, laying on my office floor too weak to work, too weak to even sit up. I knew something was direly wrong.

In that moment I made a choice: I would do whatever it took to get healthy.

It was my mission. I read books by all kinds of top doctors and thinkers, I listened to medical lectures.

I discovered that focusing just on food was not the answer.

Health, happiness, and inspiration are all interlinked and taking an honest heart centered look at my whole life and bringing it into balance was crucial to my recovery. I created a holistic natural doable daily approach and became amazingly healthy.

Like, blow my own mind healthy. Vibrant health.

I began coaching others in creating health happiness and inspiration in their own lives, and I became certified as a holistic health coach.

It’s pretty freakin’ awesome. I am so in love with my life.

My journey took me to where I am today: Totally Healthy. Totally Happy. And living a totally inspired, totally awesome life.



Right now, I’m going to blow your mind. I’m talking a paradigm shift here.

If you’re confused about what to eat, you’re not alone. This area has so much important new research and data.




  • in order to be skinny I have to eat less and work out more
  • fat makes me fat, eating lowfat will keep me slim and healthy
  • cholesterol is bad and causes heart attacks
  • sitting is unhealthy, standing desks are best
  • if I’m depressed, it has nothing to do with what I eat
  • autoimmune diseases, diabetes and IBS can only be managed with drugs, food won’t help




Weight Loss

Losing weight has everything to do with what you eat, and much less about the quantity. 

Many diets don’t work because they weren’t made for your body. It’s no secret I love working with weight loss, I see such awesome results with my clients. I’ve found some of the most common weight loss foods are often exactly the foods that need to be avoided.

Fat Love

Eating plenty of nourishing healthy fats is essential for energy and a healthy body and mind, but eating the right fats is crucial.

Eating the right fats will not make you fat. I repeat: eating the right fats will not make you fat and will actually aid in weight loss and sustained energy.

Important Cholesterol

Dietary cholesterol from whole food sources has very little correlation with heart attacks, and is actually a very important nutrient.

Did you know your brain needs a good supply of cholesterol to function, and 25% of the cholesterol in your body is used by your brain?

Standing Desk Myth

Both sitting and standing are bad for long periods, so a standing desk isn’t the total solution here, and the damage done by sitting for long periods of time can’t be overcome by exercising later. Changing position every half hour is best, even if you just stand up for 30 seconds and sit back down.



Eating for Depression

Depression is complex and should be treated by a professional. In conjunction to having a good doctor, eating the right fats, probiotics, and getting enough of the right amino acids are important components for brain health and have been shown to greatly reduce depression. 

Major correlations have been found with the health of your gut and links to depression.



Autoimmune Management

If you have any autoimmune disease, or IBS, what you eat is absolutely crucial and the results can be life changing, for the better or for the worse. If your body is reacting to a food without your knowing it, it will set off an entire chain of immune responses.

It is so important to eat the right foods and avoid those that trigger your disease, and figuring out those trigger foods isn’t as simple as it might seem.


Are you intrigued? Well there’s more. A LOT more. Let me share it with you.
How to Be Awesome


in 4 steps

get healthy

Find the right foods to nourish your unique body, and the right movements that make sense for your lifestyle. Master these and you’re living awesome.

get happy

Reduce stress and increase happiness with proven mind body techniques. Wait. Happiness is a skill? Yup.

get inspired

Explore your inner drive, your purpose, your motivation, and rev it up! Without inspiration not much changes, but light it up and you can accomplish almost anything.

get presents

Presents are awesome. Get some in every individual program.

Hells yeah, presents!

  • boundless energy
  • free from pain
  • feeling vibrantly alive
  • being a total badass, strong and confidant
  • knowing exactly what to eat to feel amazing
  • freedom from food cravings
  • feeling happy and full of joy as your norm
  • being crazy excited about life, living on purpose
  • eating delicious food until you’re full and satisfied
  • being a goal achieving expert
  • restorative glorious sleep
  • being pumped up about the way you look in your clothes
  • loving your reflection in the mirror
  • mastering your life
  • feeling completely proud of the amazing person you are
  • feeling better today than you did yesterday
  • feeling better and better each and every year

You’re Unique

Find what’s right for YOU


Your journey to health is different. Whether you are looking to lose those extra pounds, or maybe your goal is to blast your own socks off with incredible strength and energy, or even if you’re looking to manage IBS or an autoimmune disease, I’ll guide you step by step to reach your goals. I’m your transformation expert. While all of these situations are different and require different paths, the destination is the same:

vibrant health,

coaching is where it’s at

Living Awesome

it all starts with a coaching program, don’t let another day pass you by!

today is your day

What’s a Coaching Program?


Master your life. Live awesome. While you might be awesome in one arena, (maybe you’re a huge success in your career) most peeps aren’t totally awesome at everything. (And if you are, bravo! Call me, we need to be friends. Seriously.)

When it comes down to it nothing is more important than your health and living an amazing life.

Health is a habit. That’s it. My coaching programs are a guided step by step process for lasting life long change. We work in weeks and months to set up your new habits. Each week we add in a step to move you toward your chosen goal. Then each month we evaluate how things are going. Every step builds on the last.

Your goals are accomplished, and you are supported.  Then we set new goals. BOOM. You’re Living Awesome, and that’s the life you’re excited to live.

Coaching is Key


While it’s not effortless, key changes can make a huge difference overall. With a health coach, it’s proven you’ll accomplish your goals much faster. You wouldn’t try to coach yourself in football. You wouldn’t try to be your own diving coach. (Ouch!) Or even your own business coach. Same is true for transforming your health. A coach is there to strategize, show you the way, take out the guesswork, and cheer for you on the sidelines, but it’s YOU who plays your game. Ultimately, it’s you who calls all the shots. You’ll get a routine, you’ll have new habits. You’ll be LIVING AWESOME.

Each Program Addresses these Key Areas:

Eating, cooking, planing food, and getting daily movement:


You could be the happiest person in the world, but if you’re not treating your body right eventually it’ll break down.
Stress management, life balance, & proven techniques to live happier:


All the broccoli in the world won’t help if you’re stressed to the max and unhappy. Let’s work in some happiness habits.
Evaluating life dreams, bringing perspective, finding what makes you excited, getting motivated, living at your peak:


Motivation is what drives us forward. Without excitement, inspiration, and a love of life, how can you expect to make lasting change? Bring back fun!




it can all be summed up in one word


In every program you’ll be led through a course of nutrition and lifestyle changes that WILL change your life.

I’ll personally work with you to find your path to vibrant health. You’ll have steps to take each week to accomplish your goals. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably tried to make changes on your own and you haven’t yet reached your potential. It’s tough on your own. I know, I’ve been there. With a coach, you’re not alone, I’ll support you on each step in this journey. I’ve got your back. With my training and expertise I’ll help you navigate the way. Change is a method. This time, you’ll reach your goals quickly and together we’ll celebrate all your successes. Getting fired up? Awesome! Life is so good when you feel good.

It’s time to find your Food Home, the foods your unique body thrives on.

Everyone is a little different, no one way of eating will work for everyone. We start by adding in the good stuff, then we work on ‘food challenges’, where we take out common irritants for a period of time, and see how the body reacts. Did you feel better? Did is make no difference? What happened when it was reintroduced? We’ll look at all of this, then empowered with that information, you find what your body likes and doesn’t like. When you know that, you’ve found your Food Home: the foods your body loves for incredible energy and feeling empowered. Don’t worry, you can always go on Food Vacation, eat whatevs, throw caution to the wind.. hey, there’s a time for feasting! Now you can come right back to your Food Home, to the meals that nourish you and feel great.

Get ready to master your life.


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