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  • Address hidden roadblocks (blind spots)

  • Attract an ideal partner

  • Finally lose those extra pounds for good

  • Clear out the frustration of feeling alone and not understood

  • Achieve an energized empowered healthy lifestyle

This is like life coaching on steroids. I've coached with many top coaches and Lisa's method of clearing is by far the best technique in creating breakthroughs and getting unstuck. Blocks I had with money & business that I've been frustrated by and working on with coaches for years, loosened up and began to flow in just a few months!

Andrea LakeFounder & CEO, StickerJunkie

The progress I've made coaching with Lisa has blown me away. I knew this year was going to be good, but I didn't expect the massive changes I'd make while working with her. It's not easy to explain her process of clearing the way, but it's fun, and it flat works.

Christy PretzingerPresident & CEO, Writer Girl

As a naturopathic doctor I'm familiar with a lot of techniques, and am consistently working toward optimal living. Each session I have with Lisa we're able to get to the core of issues I've worked on with other methods. Her technique is fast, makes sense, and it works. Plus, she's just cool.

Dr Brett Butterfield NDNaturopathic Doctor at The Karlfeldt Center

I've worked with Lisa for awhile. When we started, I was focused on clearing those limiting subconscious blocks that hold us back. Then we began working in the area of health and wellness, testing foods and finding the best ones for my goals. I'm so glad I found her, she always creates a comfortable space to really open up and get into the deep places. It's been awesome.

Emilia ErikssonCo-Founder/Creator at VINGE the label, and Model at Wilhelmina Dubai