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Program starts: June 27, 2016


6 week (step by step) online course in holistic health, signature style, managing weight, food, workouts, and stress for busy busy busy badass high powered women

EAT LIKE A BOSS + 3 Exclusive 1:1 Coaching Calls

You’re the kind of girl who likes to buy the best. You’re that badass who aims directly for the top, and you’re flat serious about making huge strides in your health, signature style, happiness, and fitness this year… this SUPERSTAR option is for you!

[limited number available]

What would change for you?

If you had:

– more energy to work on your business

– effortless sound sleep

– happiness, waking up with joy each day

– a strong, sexy, lean body that almost never needed a sick day

You’re a high powered woman, you’ve got your business dialed in and are rocking it out.

Are you eating right, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and proactively creating happiness in your life

EAT LIKE A BOSS covers all of it:

food, weight management, workouts, personal style, mindset, sleep, scheduling your day

Live like a leader.

[hey girl, you think Beyonce misses a workout? probs not]




Let me introduce myself! I’m Lisa, I’m a commercial photographer and a style blogger. I can do a photoshoot with my eyes closed. (totally kidding) But seriously, photoshoots are my jam. I’ve done tons, and love them, and have worked with some awesome clients.

I’ve worked with some great peeps… here’s a partial list:

clients / featured in / partnered with

  • Martha Stewart Magazine
  • Dwell Magazine
  • Madewell
  • Popeye Magazine (Japan)
  • Liberty of London
  • Wrangler (Asia)
  • Purl Soho
  • Sears
  • Grey Magazine
  • Elle
  • HGTV
  • Elle (Belgium)
  • Food & Wine Magazine
  • Lucky Magazine
  • AirBnb
  • Frolic
  • CNN
  • Daily Candy
  • Schoolhouse Electric
  • Club Monaco
  • Kinfolk Magazine
  • Lucky Brand
  • Ellen (website)
  • New Balance
  • The Big Issue (Japan)
  • Lightning Magazine (Japan)
  • Cottages & Bungalows Magazine
  • New York Magazine
  • MSN
  • Huffington Post
  • Rue Magazine
  • Metropolis Magazine
  • Babble
  • Once Wed
  • Bambu
  • Elle Interiors (Sweden)
  • NIKE
  • Joe’s Jeans
  • Abrams
  • Chronicle Books
  • Tokketok (Belgium)
  • Wood & Faulk
  • Framed Show (entire episode about my work)
  • Cotton Incorporated
  • Nikon
  • Remodelista
  • Design Sponge
  • Modcloth
  • University of Phoenix
  • Redbook Magazine
  • Peppermint Magazine (Australia

Today I want to work with YOU

Wait… work with me?

What? I don’t get it.

[whoa! hang on, adorable pony! I’m getting to it…]


Here I am on set in Miami doing a video interview with People Magazine

The Short Version

One day, while I was working on the post production for one of my shoots for New Balance, I had one of those life changing ‘aha’ moments. You totally know that moment. That moment when you’re suddenly like “WHAT. THE. FU*K!”

Well, I had that.

I knew in that moment that I needed to be doing more than just working in commercial photography, that I needed to give attention to my other love: helping others get crazy amazing healthy and live their most badass life.

I knew that all the weight gain, sick days, tummy problems, bloating, sleep problems, mood swings, exhaustion, and self worth issues … all of these can be avoided. There is so much misinformation out there and I saw so many people unknowingly going down the wrong path and struggling with their health when they were trying so hard to be healthy. I knew this could all be avoided.

I knew I needed to help.

I had been certified as a holistic health coach, because that’s what I do in my spare time. (I’m nerdy like that, I can’t stop learning about health and living optimally. I unapologetically specialized in holistic weight loss, which I’m totally passionate about.)

Then I brought it all together (my expertise in style, photography, health, weight loss, mindset, habit creation…) to share with you in my signature program: EAT LIKE A BOSS

What are the habits of successful people?

They manage their self care: food, workouts, style, mindset, schedule

This helps them avoid: sick days, stomach aches, weight gain, sleep problems, missing out on opportunities due to not looking or acting the part.

They don’t manage all of this alone.

They have a team helping them.

You can too…



Are you ready to wake up with energy, super excited about your day? Are you ready to have your life fully under your control: you know exactly what you’re going to eat, you’ve planned in mindfulness, stress management, happiness techniques, your perfect workout, and your workday … you’ve got it dialed in and nailed down. Are you ready to finally take the power back and live life on your terms? Inspired. Sexy. Powerful. This is your chance…


I’ll be talking to you from my home in mystical Sedona Arizona.

EAT LIKE A BOSS is your opportunity to create the body you desire, full of energy. Be that sexy, strong, powerful, confident woman who takes charge and is in full control of her life. In a nutshell, you’ve got the business side of life down: EAT LIKE A BOSS covers the rest.

It’s living at your HIGHEST POTENTIAL using the Living Awesome Lifestyle Method.

The goal of EAT LIKE A BOSS is to live at your HIGHEST POTENTIAL, put you in the drivers seat of your life, where you fully understand how to eat for your unique body (never diet again!), gain energy, master your sleep, finally get those workouts in, master your day, and actually create and live the life you desire in the body you were meant to have.

This is a 10 week online coaching program by me, Lisa Warninger, founder of Living Awesome and creator of the Living Awesome Lifestyle Method.

I went from a life where I was struggling with my health, I had zero energy (I was so exhausted I couldn’t even sit in a chair), 30 pounds overweight, to today: I’ve lost that 30 pounds and finally bought a bikini (actually bought 2!) and I love my body (can’t wait for the next photo shoot!). I’m at the peak of health, I haven’t been sick in years. I’m confidant and in full control of my day, my food, my workouts, my business. (let me tell you, it feels ah freakin’ mazing)

When I was at my low point, 8 years ago, I felt exhausted stressed out and unhealthy. I didn’t know where to start making changes. I thought was eating super healthy! I didn’t understand that all the “healthy” foods I was eating was actually making me sicker and causing weight gain. I had absolutely zero energy… zilch. I was very discouraged, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t understand the “healthy” habits (you have these too) I struggled to uphold were the very ones making me sick and fat. 

Can you relate?

I wanted to wake up with energy. Excited about my day. Excited about living a life I loved. I wanted to feel healthy, sexy, confident, in control, and full of life. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong!

Do you ever feel like that?

Like you try and try and try, and somehow the weight isn’t budging, you feel drained, self conscious in photos, out of shape, and you aren’t where you want to be? It doesn’t have to be this way.


I have answers!


You CAN achieve vibrant health, the strong body you desire, full of awesome energy, in the drivers seat of your life, and excited about your day! You CAN reach your highest potential.

Go ahead: HAVE IT ALL.

I’ll show you how.


I believe every woman has her inner badass, ready to take charge and own her life!

Why should you settle for average?

That’s NOT good enough. Why settle for struggling with health? Why settle for barely having enough energy to get through the day? Why settle for poor sleep? Why settle for muffin tops and a flabby belly? Why settle for feeling down and confused about your style? Why settle for talking yourself into feeling good, telling yourself that tummy aches and indigestion are normal?

You deserve better.

This program is to support you in getting in touch with your badass highest self. You are confident, happy, you know what you want and go after it.

You are in the sexy strong lean and powerful body that was meant for you.


I live my authentic life. I live on my terms. I don’t believe in boxes or the status quo. I believe anything is possible, and health and happiness are ours for the taking. [being interviewed for a radio show]



EAT LIKE A BOSS is an actionable plan to create new daily habits. It will guide you through nutrition, and exercises to get in touch with that incredible badass inside you who is healthy, sexy, happy, strong, powerful, and inspired to keep going after what you want in life.

You’ve got the business side down, now it’s time to up-level the rest of your life.


Women take this course for many reasons. Some need to lose weight (which I totally specialize in), some need to lose a lotta weight and want to finally ditch diets forever. Some are in the fashion industry and want holistic way to manage their appearance. Most are busy women entrepreneurs who manage a hectic life and need an actionable plan for food, stress, keeping up with personal style, and exercise. The one thing these women have in common is their desire to OWN THEIR LIFE. They are sick and tired of being sick and tired and they are ready to take control back. The women who choose this program are ready to live at their highest potential.


I believe:

  • NOW is the time
  • Love yourself NOW. Now is the time, not your future ideal self… LOVE YOU NOW.
  • When you eat the right foods for your body you are choosing to love yourself now
  • When you choose to make fitness a priority you are choosing to love yourself now
  • When you choose to manage your stress with meditation or mindfulness, you are choosing to love yourself now
  • When you choose to honor your unique personality and are unafraid to show your personal style, you’re choosing to love yourself now
  • When you make choosing a path of total self love non negotiable, you choose to shine your light on the world.

When you’re in the public spotlight as a speaker, coach, blogger, or an entrepreneur…

image is everything.

Audiences make snap judgements about whether to listen based on how you present yourself. I want your message to be heard.

[Present your best self to the world, be the light you are, be 1,000% confidant. When you fully love yourself, you’ll live like it. Not to mention you’ll give your audience permission to love themselves completely too]

You have an amazing message to share with the world. You have incredible gifts. You ARE a light. You are a force of good. You are UNIQUE. Let’s make sure your message is heard by the world.

[My goal for you is to be giddy with joy when you see photos of yourself on stage or doin’ your thang. Every body is different, you do NOT have to be a certain size, look or dress a certain way. This program is all about empowering YOU to be your best self. You are unique.]



I deeply care when people don’t feel well, or are discouraged. I believe health is your birthright, and happiness is yours for the taking. I’ll show you how to get there.


Two words: I CARE

I care about you. I’m passionate that you’re feeling good, full of energy, at your perfect weight, and living the life you desire.

Why am I so passionate about this work? Because I’ve been on the other side, I know what it’s like to barely get through the day. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Unhappy. Sick all the time.

In fact, I thought I was doing everything right. I was a successful commercial photographer, I had a wildly popular fashion blog. I was active. I ate healthy food. I worked on my mind with stress techniques and spiritual work. I did everything right, so why was everything so wrong?

I reached a point where I was so exhausted I couldn’t even sit up in a chair to do my work. I wasn’t sleepy, it wasn’t tiredness, it was pure exhaustion. My muscles ached and I felt like there was an elephant sitting on my chest. I needed to get my work done, but I was literally so HORRIBLY exhausted I couldn’t even sit up in a chair. So there I was, laying on my wood office floor staring at the ceiling. By not knowing the right way to take care of myself, I was sick and not able to work.

non negotiable

I made a decision:

my health and happiness are a non negotiable.

[making that choice changed everything, I want this for you too]

I made living at my highest potential my mission.

I chose two goals: HEALTHY + HAPPY

I dove full on into learning everything I could. I listened to medical lectures at night while all my friends were at the bar. I constantly read (and still read) books by respected doctors and researchers. I studied the physiology around food, weight, energy, and health. I learned the major impact the mind plays on it all. I researched all the current knowledge around habit formation and creating change that lasts. Then I put it all together into an incredible holistic method I feel it’s my life’s mission to share with others:

The Living Awesome Lifestyle Method

That was 8 years ago and today, I’m at the peak of my health. I became certified as a Holistic Health Coach. I specialize in holistic weight loss, image management through signature personal style, and badassery for busy women entrepreneurs. Life is too short to spend tired, unhappy, in a body that is overweight and unhealthy. I don’t want that for you. I refuse accept anything less for myself, and for my clients.

Today I wake up with energy. Optimistic. Excited about my day. My body feels wonderful, powerful, lean, sexy, and strong. I haven’t been sick in years. I love my life.

That’s what I want for you.


The food I eat is DELICIOUS. I do not believe in deprivation, counting points or calories. When you eat the right things for YOUR body, it will show up on the scale.


To live in your highest potential: you need the right information and a doable actionable plan to live at your peak. Imagine your life full of vibrant health, energy, and happiness.

What would it mean for you to…

  • achieve your perfect weight?
  • feel sexy and powerful in your lean body?
  • be totally confident and proud of who you are?
  • know that you’re on your way to accomplishing your goals?
  • never diet again, and love your food?
  • wake up energized and pumped up for the day?
  • maintain your happiness, even when life throws you tough stuff?
  • inspire your friends with your vibrant inner glow?

You CAN do it, and I’m going to help you get there.



Are you ready for:

  • feeling great in your clothes?
  • being confident about your appearance?
  • having a defined signature style you LOVE?
  • loving your reflection in the mirror?
  • having energy to tackle your day and work on your life goals?
  • achieving and maintaining your perfect weight?
  • quitting the dieting roller-coaster and start living your authentic life?
  • feeling proud of the woman you are?
  • being totally in control of your life and your day?
  • waking up and taking charge of your life?
  • unleashing your inner badass?


Choose YOU.

Chances are, you’ve made a commitment toward your health before. This time, together, we’ll make it stick!

This program is designed for YOU!


When you sign up for this program, you’re investing in yourself, you’re no stranger to that, you know the huge payoff you create when you invest in yourself. You’re choosing YOU. You’re already shifting your mindset into creating that badass healthy lifestyle you were born to have.

You’re showing the universe that you’re not going to settle for living the status quo. You aim to be sexy, confidant, feel amazing in your clothes, and live life on your own terms. You’re stepping into the drivers seat, no longer settling to let life go by without taking action. You’re going to become strong, energized, sexy, powerful, and feel amazing. Non negotiable.

You’re taking charge.

Just by signing up, you’re already on your way. You weren’t born knowing holistic health and nutrition, mindfulness strategies, successful habit formation, weight loss, and prepared for today’s incredibly busy stressful world. I spent years learning it, and I’ll cut through all the guesswork and teach you the most direct path.

The next 10 weeks will change your life. Or you could stay where you’ve always been. What will you choose? Now is the time to take charge of your health, sign up, and own your life!


I choose to live life on my own terms. I eat awesome food. My weight stays exactly where I want it. In this program I’ll teach you my secrets.


In this program we use the

Living Awesome Lifestyle Method

to tackle the 4 key areas of health





  • conquer breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • discover the “fat and sick” foods (it’s a tragic love story)
  • macronutrients, your awesome health allies
  • gain power by knowing how weight REALLY works in your body (never diet again)
  • finally conquer meal plans, victory is yours!
  • put systems in place to eat healthy even when you’re in a launch
  • how to stop being a stagnant pond and be more like a river
  • do-able plans to get enough water daily
  • discover what type of water is best for your body (it’s not as boring as you think!)
  • uplevel your water (wait till your hear what I do…)
  • get more HAPPY in your badass life
  • discover techniques to build MORE happiness into your life
  • tips for brain health, optimize that puppy!
  • know which nutrients are key for your brain + happiness
  • define your signature style, and LOVE your fresh look
  • learn the link between depression and gut health
  • discover how to eat for your maximum happiness
  • we start slow here, with just 10 min per day
  • use proven habit formulas to build movement into your daily life
  • next is **BADASS GIRLS FITNESS CHALLENGE** (it’s not scary, I swear)
  • never set foot in a gym (unless you want to) discover alternative ways to stay fit
  • plan a movement routine that works for your (crazy busy) life
  • get over fear of exercise, know it’s do-able even for complete beginners
  • take big steps towards the body you want, badass girls take charge of their life
  • BOOM (had to throw that in there, I’m so excited about this program!)


The Living Awesome Lifestyle Method addresses these key areas for a healthy / happy life:





This program is a doable strategic plan. We implement it in a step by step, week by week process, to create a powerful personalized road map to ultimate health, and that beautiful, energized, strong, sexy, lean body you desire.


  • this week, we get your stats: weight, measurements, before photos
  • we set you up in the system, you’ll be recording your progress daily
  • I encourage you at this time to SCHEDULE your “after” photoshoot, 10 weeks from now
  • start eating your perfect breakfast (it’s not what you think)
  • you’ll create a breakfast map to use everyday
  • MINDSET… oh yeah! I’ll show you my top mindset techniques
  • how to bring your reluctant subconscious on board to support lasting change
  • we will set you up using the Living Awesome Lifestyle Method to map your week
  • set your end of program goals: where do you want to be in 70 days? in your health? business? weight? style? confidence? workouts? Do you have a big goal you’d like to set? Set it now.


  • two words: MORNING ROUTINE, you’re going to uplevel this beeyatch
  • you will begin to master your mornings and put them to work for you
  • start your daily self care rituals to get a jumpstart on your business day
  • eating healthy doesn’t mean boring, this week you’ll discover new foods you love
  • we will dive deep into your biggest weight loss tool
  • how to break free from foods which aren’t serving you
  • implement your first huge step in taking total control over your food
  • you will check in daily to monitor progress and ask any questions


  • MINDSET week!
  • love yourself NOW and lose weight now
  • look good in photos, eat and move for the sexy, healthy body you desire
  • small wins, what yours are & why they are awesome
  • setting realistic and achievable expectations (perfection is out the window!)
  • start doing this key thing and spend less time in the kitchen (busy lady plan!)
  • as always, you’ll be checking in daily to keep up that amazing progress


  • this week, it’s all about dietary fat
  • bust through all the MYTHS around fats and debunk the lowfat trend (no more lowfat!)
  • why eating the right fats is essential to your wellbeing (did you know some saturated fats are super healthy and you need to be eating them? Find out which ones!)
  • eat fat / lose weight (but only a key few, the rest should be avoided at all cost!!)
  • getting your Omega 3 in and WTF all the hype is about (hint: brain fuel)
  • uncover the hidden dangerous fats in your cupboard, and get them out! (debunking the vegetable oil myths)
  • get your body primed for optimal fat burning for that summer bod (hells YEAH!)
  • you’ll be checking in daily, I’ll keep you motivated and on track to reach your goals


  • mid program check in! take your measurements, weight, see your progress!
  • we will check in with your progress this week, and adjust any imbalance to keep you on track to reach your end of program goals.
  • discover your best proteins
  • find out if you’re getting enough protein (and the dangers if you aren’t)
  • understand why your body loves this stuff
  • uncover which proteins are best for you, and which are best left on the shelf
  • protein powders, why most SUCK and are harmful to your health, and get my list of the good ones
  • organize your favorite proteins for easy meal creation (dial that in tight!)
  • check in daily, and I will keep you going strong. You got this girl!!!


  • weight loss — the REAL rules
  • you’re in the public eye, have a body you’re proud of
  • when you’re HEALTHY, it’ll show in your photos and on stage
  • create the body you’ve always wanted: lean, strong, sexy, powerful
  • discover what carbs are and what they ACTUALLY do
  • how to put carbs to work FOR you not against you
  • check in to bring your 4 areas of health into balance (oh man, you’ll feel on top of it!)
  • debunking the myth that how you look and dress doesn’t matter (if it didn’t we’d all be walking around naked), and why creating your go to style is an important part of your biz
  • how loving yourself NOW is key in creating the body you desire, and why it’s OK to lose weight (just like you don’t have to feel bad about having money, you don’t have to feel bad about having the body you desire)


  • you will be feeling pretty freaking fantastic by this point in the program
  • define your personal style, we will dive deep into this process
  • create your BADASS day, with a strategic schedule (livin’ the life, girlfriends!)
  • common daily schedule mistakes you want to avoid
  • start creating habits that stick (there’s a whole method around this)
  • honing in on YOUR plan
  • your anti-success programs (yes, you have one) and how that sh*t works
  • your thoughts that are keeping you fat and sick and how to get rid of them
  • check in daily, I’ll keep you going and living at your peak


  • implementing your “why” to keep you moving toward your goals
  • motivation: why your self care rituals are vital to your business
  • set your target goals, and take strategic action toward them
  • signature style and the “red lipstick effect”, how to be brave
  • you ARE amazing, so why are you discouraged? Learn to say no.
  • how you can be afraid and do it anyway (that’s how badasses roll)
  • the art of allowing good things to flow into your life
  • record your daily progress, the heart of the program and how you’ll get results


  • get that photo body you desire, what might be holding you back
  • why you plateau and what to do about it
  • sometimes we are going strong, then suddenly: stop (how to keep going in a sustainable way)
  • common things you have in your house that cause weight gain
  • food timing for weight loss AND optimal energy
  • your body’s internal clock, simple steps on optimizing your wake/sleep/ energy cycle
  • inflammation, weight gain, and reactive foods (you might have hidden allergies)
  • as always, check in daily to keep you motivated and pumped up!


  • the final week!
  • we get your stats: weight, measurements, after photos (Photoshoot!!!)
  • celebrating your wins, oh so much winning!!! (that’s YOU, powerhouse!)
  • nailing down your perfect self care daily routine that works for life
  • last week of the fitness challenge!
  • getting your results from inches lost
  • you will have tons more energy, smaller in size, and more fit!
  • additional tools for holistically getting the body you desire
  • check in daily, we will be doing a lot of reflection this week
  • end of program celebration: we go over all you’ve accomplished (you’re going to blow your own mind! you don’t even know what’s possible yet…just wait!)



  • Each week you’ll receive your totally awesome online module

  • Every module will have a badass audio trainings by me, Lisa Warninger. We cover TONS of ground here. No matter how much you already know, you’ll still learn plenty.

  • Each online module contains written material as well, reiterating some of the audio training plus bonus material.

  • Your weekly assignments will be here too, we go step by step, with each step building on the last.

  • Many modules contain recommended documentaries and books to dive deeper if you’re that A++ kinda girl. #badass

  • Six weeks of unlimited email access with me, Lisa Warninger, your coach.

  • Get your questions answered. Gain insight.

  • Turn in your results for feedback, I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way. If you follow the steps, you’ll get amazing results.

 At the end of this program you’ll:

  • know the Living Awesome Lifestyle Method and how to adapt it for your life
  • understand nutrition, debunked the common myths, to keep you healthy long term
  • know how to get to, and maintain, YOUR ideal weight
  • have a plan to keep hydrated everyday
  • know which happiness techniques work for you, and have others in your toolkit for later
  • have a recipe map to navigate your meals
  • know how to meal plan, and spend LESS time in the kitchen
  • have a solid workout routine you’ll actually DO
  • be stronger, and more fit
  • define your signature style, and know how to ROCK your awesome look
  • have more energy (yes, please)
  • understand sleep cycles, and know how to work with your natural clock
  • be in charge of your day by taking back your schedule like a boss


There’s two ways to sign up for


Program starts: June 27, 2016


6 week (step by step) online course in holistic health, signature style, managing weight, food, workouts, and stress for busy busy busy badass high powered women

EAT LIKE A BOSS + 3 Exclusive 1:1 Coaching Calls

You’re the kind of girl who likes to buy the best. You’re that badass who aims directly for the top, and you’re flat serious about making huge strides in your health, signature style, happiness, and fitness this year… this SUPERSTAR option is for you!

[limited number available]




You ALWAYS buy the best.


If you’re serious about making huge strides in your health and want to fully go after that powerful, strong, sexy, lean body with a fully formed action plan and personalized feedback: The SUPERSTAR option is totally your jam.

This program includes:

  • 3 Exclusive 1:1 45 min Coaching Calls with me, Lisa Warninger, your holistic health coach

You might have promised yourself that this is the year that you’ll finally eat right, lose that weight, address your health, get in shape… and if you’re like most people you’ve promised yourself that again and again and nothing changes. ENOUGH. Let’s get serious about your health, get real solutions, and (just like you did for your badass biz) let’s build a foundation to create some serious progress. I’ll also help you define your signature style, and work on creating a look that rocks your world with how confidant you are. You’re going to look and feel incredible.

The SUPERSTAR program is for you if: you dream of looking amazing and rocking your photoshoots. You are determined to get that strong, sexy, powerful body you’ve always wanted. Why not now? This is YOUR program. It’s time.

[If your goal is to lose weight, manage an auto immune issue, ibs, or any major energy issues, I don’t want to see you address this alone. I highly recommend becoming a SUPERSTAR where we work on it together!]


For the price of two yoga classes a week you could change everything…

[yup that’s it, just two yoga classes]

Imagine what’s possible for you
choose to make your health and happiness a non negotiable

Imagine your next photoshoot:

You feel amazing. You’re stylish, lean, strong, sexy, powerful and confidant.

Imagine your next speaking engagement: you walk out on stage. The audience, the applause. You love your body, you’re rocking your signature style, you’re focused, happy and totally in command.

This is possible for you.

[Think I’m wrong? Give me one good reason why you can’t. When you work with me, we don’t do can’t. We find the best possible solutions for your unique life.]


What if you had more energy?

What if you had a plan for self care that worked for you and your busy life?

What if you loved your lean, strong, sexy body and couldn’t wait to show it off in your photoshoots?

What if you were *on top* of meal planning and always had a healthy snack on hand?

What if you had a regular workout schedule, and your body was getting stronger by the week?

What if you had a meditation, or other stress reduction technique, and you did it daily?

What if you had a holistic health coach to take the guesswork out of what to eat?

What if you slept well each night and woke up rested?

What if you had a signature style you LOVED and it took away the guess work and anxiety over what to wear?

What if you focused on your work / life balance, food, stress management, signature style, and exercise for 42 days?

Would it make a difference for you?

 I’ve done the work for you.

You don’t have to:

  • feel guilty, knowing you should get a workout in, but keep putting it off until tomorrow (You’ll have broken through the hardest part… getting started… and be way into your routine)
  • get sick, because your immune system can’t fight off the current bug going around (I haven’t been sick in years)
  • have no energy and all you can do is zone out to another tv show when you’d rather be working on your dreams (you’ll have way more energy)
  • wonder which foods to eat, or what you should have for dinner (you’ll have a plan that works for your busy life)
  • have anxiety about what to wear to a special event (you’ll wear your signature style, of course)
  • have bloating, or tummy problems after you eat (you’ll be eating foods your body LOVES)
  • worry that you’re not taking good care of yourself (you’ll have a system in place that works!)

You don’t need to struggle like I did. I’ve already done the work, and I’ve created a method for you to live at your peak. You deserve to live your best life, it’s your birthright.


Go ahead, sign up:


Program start: June 27, 2016


6 week (step by step) online course in holistic health, signature style, managing weight, food, workouts, and stress for busy busy busy badass women entrepreneurs

[only about the cost of two yoga classes per week!]

EAT LIKE A BOSS + 3 Exclusive 1:1 Coaching Calls

You’re the kind of girl who likes to buy the best. You’re that badass who aims directly for the top, and you’re flat serious about making huge strides in your health, signature style, happiness, and fitness this year… this SUPERSTAR option is for you!

[limited number available]


Starts: June 27, 2016


Questions & Answers

Q: Who will be in the  program?

You! It’s a program for high vibe, badass girls who kick ass in business, and want to kick ass in life too. It’s hard to manage everything. This program is all about getting the most out of life.



It’s a 6 week step by step program for living at your highest potential. It’s for thriving at your peak. We cover – food, water, happiness, signature style, and movement. Then we implement it using successful habit forming techniques.


Q: When are the modules released?

Each module is released to you on Friday for you to learn and listen to and prep for over the weekend. The implementation of each module begins the following Monday.


Q: I don’t need to lose weight, what would I get out of this?

Tons! This isn’t some kind of weight loss diet bullsh*t. This is about eating for optimal health, and if you’re eating for health you’ll automatically be losing any extra pounds that may need to come off. If you don’t need to lose weight, you’ll be learning which foods work best for your energy levels and how to manage food/ mindset work (get your happy on!) / and workouts in your busy daily life. This program is for peak performance, and making it do-able. This program is for those who want to have it all.


Q: I already have my [food, water, happiness, signature style, movement] down, would I still benefit?

ABSOLUTELY. Let’s say you’re a freakin’ rockstar with your signature style, chances are another area is weak. For example maybe you’re not sure how to fit in your workouts. Or maybe you are amazing with your food, but don’t have a signature style and totally suck at getting in a workout… very few of us are strong in every area. With the Living Awesome Lifestyle Method, you learn to create an adaptable balance you can carry forward with you throughout your life.


Q: I’m not a high powered woman, can I still join?

If you’re an awesome badass girl who wants to kick ass in life… sure! I love all my high vibration soul sisters. You are totally welcome here. I already love you.


Q: What is your food philosophy?

EAT REAL FOOD. It pretty much comes down to that. Eat vegetables (for reals! Let’s find ways that make them so delish they’re irresistible!) Find your Food Home (the foods that give your unique body the maximum amount of energy) and give yourself a freakin’ break to eat whatever you want sometimes too.


Q: I’m scared of being put on a ‘diet’ I don’t like to be deprived of foods I love, will this program work for me?

This is your program. I’m here to support you in loving your way into making the best choices that make sense for your body and where you’re at. If your normal right now is daily fast food, I’m not going to expect you to become a raw vegan (like, ever). You are in control of this process. I’ll push you, but I’ll also support you. I’ll cheer you on every step of the way. I do NOT believe that deprivation, counting calories or points, works long term. We don’t do that here.


Q: I feel like weight loss is shallow and focusing on that is bad for society, why do you recommend it?

I agree that a sole focus on weight loss has the potential to be detrimental to the person and to society, and I also know that some of this weight is very dangerous. Extremely dangerous, like it kills people. I feel that by looking honestly and lovingly at your body, and choosing to take the best care of it possible, you’re making a choice that will affect your entire life. When you address health holistically, you not only lose the weight, but you get your entire body into a state of rockin’ health. This is true self love. This is REAL self acceptance. I believe that when a person knows that the extra weight on them is harming their health, and that they need to make changes… but don’t… because: self acceptance. This isn’t good enough! I feel this version isn’t true self acceptance, it’s actually a version of giving up. You are unique, you are beautiful and totally rad. Let’s take care of beautiful you and love wherever that road takes you. I’m right here at your side. You got this.


Q: What kinds of workouts are we going to do?

Scary ones. I’m kidding!!! Do workouts scare you? (They did me!) There will be a list of things to try, and you can pick your fitness challenge. Just like with your unique Food Home, everyone will be at a different place with working out. Two things I like everyone to work into their daily is this:

  1. 30 min walk outside to set your Master Clock and refresh your mind

  2. DANCE BREAK!!! Dance wildly to one happy song per day.

    These are both do-able and fun and kill a few birds with one stone (you’ll find out why in the program)


Q: How much time per day will I need to dedicate to this?

This is really personal. You get out what you put in. It’s a choose your own adventure… you could opt to put in lots of time or you could choose to dedicate small bits of time here and there to tweak some habits to up-level your life. I promise you this: I’m not going to waste your time asking you to do to stuff that doesn’t get results. My aim it to get you the max results for the min amount of time and effort… BUT living awesome still takes time and effort, there’s no getting around that! Hey, you gotta earn the right to be a badass.


Q: What kind of results can I expect?

Again, this is really personal. It’ll depend on how much you put in. At the very least you can expect to learn a roadmap to live an awesomely badass lifestyle. Depending on your current level of health you can expect to lose weight,  gain energy, get better sleep, feel clear and focused throughout the day, minimize food cravings, reign in the need to snack, define a signature style you LOVE, and more!


Q: Will I have 1 on 1 time with you?

If you choose the SUPERSTAR option you’ll have 5 private coaching calls with me, Lisa Warninger. During these calls we dive deeply into anything holding you back from being that amazing badass that you are. These calls can make all the difference when making huge changes. I’ll help you blast through any barriers and we will celebrate all your achievements together. If you choose the EAT LIKE A BOSS option, I’ll be available to you through emails and your progress updates.


Q: When can I expect to hear from you with my daily progress updates, will you talk to me everyday?

No. Not everyday, maybe if I could clone myself. 🙂 I’ll be looking at your progress every few days and personally responding to your hard work and making suggestions if you’re stuck. If you have a question, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Expect a 48 hour response time for emails. Your success in this program is extremely important to me, I’ll be available as much as I can.


Q: I don’t think I can commit to a daily progress update, is this important, what happens if I miss a day?

I feel the progress updates are the key to the program, so I highly encourage you to update every evening as part of your nightly routine. I totally understand missing a day here and there, but in order for me to help you, I’ll need to see how you’re progressing. I can’t help if I don’t know what’s going on.


Q: I’m [busy, going on vacation, have a launch, a wedding, an overseas trip] during this program, should I wait to take it at a better time?

No. The time to start is now. There will never be a perfect time when everything aligns and you have zero on your plate. (cause that would be scary and not so perfect) All you have to do is your best during those times, you’ll have a structure in place to navigate the periods of stress and change. At the end of your program you’ll also have a chance to re take the program at a fraction of the cost to keep your momentum going.


Q: I don’t see any testimonials on here, why is that?

It’s my brand spanking new program! I’ve been coaching privately for a couple years, ALL of my clients have lost weight (even when it wasn’t a focus for them) and have reached a new level of health. In the next few weeks… I want YOUR testimonial on this site. I want YOU to be my shining star.


Q: I’m a private person, who will know I’m in the program?

Me, and whomever you choose to tell. Your enrollment and progress is confidential. However I might use anon examples to help others learn. If you’re open to sharing your personal story, I might ask to include it in future programs with your permission. You’re totally safe and in good hands with me.


Q: How is this program different than other programs?

We use the highly adaptable Living Awesome Lifestyle Method to work in a systematic step by step approach in creating a life you love. This method is only offered here at Living Awesome. No more one size fits all. This program allows you to find, for yourself, the best way for your unique body to eat, move, drink, style, sleep, think… it’s a holistic program. We look at all areas of life. This isn’t a gunshot weight loss program, if you want that… there’s tons of options — but they don’t work and aren’t good enough for you. This is life transformation. It’s about true change. It’s about living at your peak.


Q: What if I don’t get the results I want in 6 Weeks?

True change takes time. Creating life long habits (that stick!) takes time. That’s why at the end of the 42 day program you’ll be offered a chance to repeat it at a fraction of the cost. It’ll be a no brainer to continue the momentum you’ve gained.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

Yes! If you give the program a good solid try for four weeks, I know you’ll see results. However, if you don’t I’ll happily refund you 100%, and you can discontinue the program. The caveat is this: you’ll have had to accomplished your daily updates for those 4 weeks. If you tried, but it’s just not for you. That’s totally cool!


Q: Can you guarantee results?

No. I can not guarantee any result. As with any program of this nature, no results are guaranteed. Your body is unique, and it’s your responsibility to listen to your body. I will say this: after becoming an expert in health and weight loss, this is the program I WANT TO DO. I wish I had it when I started my journey. I’ll be doing the program right along with you, it’s not a program to me, it’s the way I live. I’m so proud of this program, and I think you’ll find it’ll change the way you think about food, fitness, signature style, weight, self acceptance, structuring your day… and you’ll walk away with a better understanding of your health and your body. You’ll be stronger and leaner, your body will change. I love this program so much and I know you will too.



Is my health + happiness non negotiable?

[the choice is yours]


2016 is your year, sign up for


Program start: June 27, 2016


6 week (step by step) online course in holistic health, signature style, managing weight, food, workouts, and stress for busy busy busy badass high powered women.

[only about the cost of 2 yoga classes per week]

EAT LIKE A BOSS + 3 Exclusive 1:1 Coaching Calls

You’re the kind of girl who likes to buy the best. You’re that badass who aims directly for the top, and you’re flat serious about making huge strides in your health, signature style, happiness, and fitness this year… this SUPERSTAR option is for you!

[limited number available]



Hey awesome lady,

I’ll never forget how hopeless I felt when I was so exhausted I could no longer even sit up to do my work. I’ll never forget how hopeless it felt to feel like there were no answers when it came to health. It seemed like I was stuck. Like things would never change. When I truly committed to this path of being a totally healthy badass, I did it out of desperation and blind faith.

I didn’t even know what was possible for me. I didn’t know how amazing I would feel later, once I discovered the answers. I had no concept of how great I would feel, because I’d never felt this good before.

Maybe that’s you. Maybe you feel like even if you just had a little more energy you’d be ok. Maybe if you just lost that weight… but maybe you’ve tried it before, maybe it didn’t work and you ended up right back where you started, and maybe you’re discouraged.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are SO MANY ANSWERS. There’s answers for YOU.

My condition ended up being a weird unique one. The thing is, we are ALL different. Your body is unique, and there is no ONE WAY. What will work for your unique body? I’ve got the plan to figure it out: the Living Awesome Lifestyle Method.

You don’t need to waste time guessing, trying to find something that works, see temporary results, then give up. You don’t need to spend so much time in frustration reading diet book after diet book, searching for answers, depriving yourself, or running for hours on a treadmill.

I created this program to guide you in finding YOUR answers. I don’t want you to struggle for years like I did. I’ve already done the work, and created a method to guide you through it. I’ll be supporting you through email anytime you need me. Busy? We all are! We are high powered women, but we must create the time to take amazing care of ourselves. We CAN have it all.

A badass life is a life where you’re kicking ass in all areas: health, signature style, business, happiness, living with energy, laughter. Your beautiful body is strong, sexy, full of energy, your mind is clear and happy. You have a plan. You have mastered your life. That’s a badass. That’s Living Awesome.

Choose to make Health and Happiness a non negotiable and watch your whole life open up for you.

Join me for 6 weeks as we learn, get fit, get stylish, get energy, lose weight, and get our happy on!

Can’t wait to celebrate your success with you!!!

So much love,



PS: It’s truly all about love. I put so much love into creating this, I sincerely hope I get to work with you in this program!